With Bob Morris you have

Leadership-Integrity -Initiative -Results

Cave Creek is on the upswing. We are making incredible progress on legacy problems. The water is more reliable and safer, the emergency services are the best in the nation (funded without new taxes), subsidies to outside customers are stopped, and the new General Plan (passed in a landslide after 2 failed elections) is protecting our desert lifestyle. The job is not finished though.

That is why I am running for Mayor of Cave Creek. Voters can see the tangible the results of a proven, dynamic, and expert leader. I have served with integrity and energy. With Bob Morris as Mayor, you can expect results that benefit every resident and visitor to Cave Creek.

Previously in a house fire a single 3-person truck was dispatched. Now, 3 fire trucks with 12 firefighters are dispatched. Previously medical calls had one EMT dispatched now TWO are on Cave Creek’s own fire truck. If a daytime brushfire breaks out (like the two in May 2020) 6 firefighters and two trucks are dispatched from the Town’s own fire station. That capability will save lives: faster, better, cheaper!

What other Town has undertaken the challenge to spend $5 million a year for emergency services using the existing $12 million General Fund without new taxes? Many advocated a new property tax. Being annexed by Daisy Mountain Fire would have added a new property tax. My house would have cost $2700 in new property taxes! I was decisive, along with others, in creating the Town financial plans, saving the resident’s their Rural Metro fees, preventing new taxes, and installing World Class Emergency services that will save lives far into the future!

While it is a team effort, I am proud of the decisive role I have played in identifying improvements and then gaining the necessary votes to act. I have the proven ability to work with other community leaders to your benefit. We have a diffused power system where even the best ideas require collective Council action.

The Town has many nice recent victories, but we have difficult challenges in the next two years. We must construct the Phoenix water interconnect that keeps drinking water flowing to homes. We must deal with the drought that has lowered water levels in Lake Mead and Lake Powell. We must follow through with the financial plans. We must create plans to serve more residents. We must keep the fire hydrants reliably maintained. We must enhance our fine Town Staff with better processes and keep our human capital at its high level. We must continuously improve everything we do.

Here are the most impactful policies I will implement alongside those elected to Council:

· Faithfully apply the Town’s General Plan and zoning codes.

· Finish the water utility renaissance.

· Make the streets safer through traffic improvements and enforcement.

· Creatively find the money to achieve progress without new taxes.

· Construct the Phoenix water interconnect.

· Deal with likely changes to our Central Arizona Project, CAP, water.

· Bank existing CAP water supply.

· Support Dark Skies and our Sonoran Desert Open Space.

· Keep the Town’s commercial base vibrant.

· Keep the western lifestyle that a horseman understands.

I hope every voter will compare each candidate’s expertise and record of achievement. You will find mine the right one to lead Cave Creek. I ask for your support to finish the job!

“My passion for Cave Creek and Arizona has a long history”

I am a proud Arizona native. My grandparents came to the Arizona Territory in a wagon drawn by blind horses. They homesteaded on Oak Creek. I was raised in west Phoenix, where I became an Eagle Scout at, what I was told, was the second youngest age at that time. The youngest was a famous band leader and early TV star. I graduated from the engineering school of Arizona State University and embarked on a career which took me all over America. I am a Chemical Engineer, business strategist, financial analyst, and executive manager.

I managed highly complex chemical processing facilities employing 500 -1000 people where safety, efficiency and personnel management were needed. Chemistry, physics, economics, math, contract/legal and interpersonal skills were in constant use. Plus, the jobs included design and construction management. I have been responsible for about billion dollars in process construction.

I rose to executive management including credit cards, marketing strategy, real estate, software, IT, and accounting conversions among others. I led the due diligence team on the US merger of two fortune 10 companies US manufacturing and marketing assets. I have also led teams working with America’s largest consulting companies including McKinsey, Arthur Anderson, and Mercer.

This education and experience produced my ability to analyze, evaluate and decide what to do in highly complex situations. This rounded out my early experience in completing highly technical objectives involving huge costs and potentially dangerous chemicals.

I have had many ongoing courses in management, economic analysis, project management, and engineering. I also attended Incident Command training (University of Nevada, Reno) and the University of Michigan Manufacturing Executive Program.

I spent 6 years on the Water Advisory Committee, WAC, including the chair position, which identified and championed most of the improvements being carried out today. I first ran for Council propelled by a sense of frustration at seeing so little progress in solving problems in our Town.

I am completing my 4th year on a Council which has been extraordinarily successful. The water is cleaner and more reliable, the Town safer and financially strong. Perhaps the signature achievement is bringing world class emergency services without ANY new taxes!

My wife Jana and I moved to Cave Creek over 20 years ago. Here is where we enjoy the western lifestyle with our horses and our McNab dog, Cheyenne. We get the pleasure of sharing this way of life with our sixteen grandchildren. The greatest amenities in Cave Creek are the quiet, the dark skies and wildlife.

I am a horseman, cowboy mounted shooter (retired Class 2 World Champion), and trail rider. I have camped and hiked all over Arizona since childhood. I created and chaired the organization that built the Ben Avery Mounted Shooting Center as part of the Arizona Game and Fish facility near I-17.

My focus is preserving our natural environment while providing the essential services to keep property values strong and people safe.