Bob’s Mission and Goals for Cave Creek

Here are the most impactful policies I will implement
alongside those elected to Council:

· Faithfully apply the Town’s General Plan and zoning codes.

· Finish the water utility renaissance.

· Make the streets safer through traffic improvements and enforcement.

· Achieve progress without new taxes.

· Construct the Phoenix water interconnect.

· Deal with likely changes to our Central Arizona Project, CAP, water.

· Bank existing CAP water supply.

· Support Dark Skies and our Sonoran Desert Open Space.

· Keep the Town’s commercial base vibrant.

Continue my record of voting and supporting the Trail System.

· Keep the western lifestyle that a horseman understands.

My Mission…

My mission started in 2012 with my appointment to the Water Advisory Committee. From the first meeting it was apparent the Town had serious problems in nearly every aspect of its utilities. I am a Chemical Engineer, business strategist, financial analyst, and executive manager so this was a challenge I could not pass by.

I plan to finish the water renaissance, implement the NO NEW TAX financial plan for fire protection and preserve both our desert and dark skies.

My Goals…

  • Implement financial policies to pay for the extraordinary accomplishment of No Tax Fire Department

  • Safe and Reliable water paid by the lowest rates consistent with safe and dependable water

  • Continue Support of the Cave Creek Rodeo as the Signature Western Event in Town

Protect Cave Creek’s Lifestyle…

  • Preserve our Sonoran Desert, Lifestyle, Town Core and our uniqueTrail System

We are on the road to preserving our unique environment while addressing truly critical water and fire problems. I plan to extend this high performance to every aspect of local government and complete the good works that have been started.