Cave Creek Rodeo Days

Bob is a longtime Volunteer and a Member of the Cave Creek Rodeo Committee.

Bob has extensive experience building and running horse related arena sports. He originated and then built the Ben Avery Mounted Shooting Center on I-17 and served in executive positions in the Arizona Cowboy Mounted Shooters Association which put on events all over Arizona.

Following are the three parts to Bob’s issues and solutions concerning the Rodeo, the grounds and it’s future.

First is support of the Cave Creek Rodeo as the Signature Western Event in Town

The Cave Creek PRCA Rodeo is a key and very well attended multi day event each spring. People attend from all over the world. It is volunteer event, and yet has won awards of this All-American cultural spectacular. I am a member of the Rodeo Committee and volunteer on the security team. I will continue to see that the Town government makes the event successful for many years to come.

Second is the Town Gaining Ownership of the Grounds.

Second is the ownership issue, which is complex. The grounds are owned by the Bureau of Land Management and controlled by Maricopa County. Both entities want the town to take over ownership, but there are some conditions such as building permanent restrooms. I plan to get this project built and seek the earliest opportunity to claim ownership.

Third is Increasing the Number of Events While Controlling Costs of Operation

We need to increase the number of events while controlling costs of operation. The facility is useless if it is only used once per year. I intend developing a long term strategic plan for routine use by clubs for gymkhanas, roping, barrel racing, kids rodeo and other horse sports. While the rodeo arena is not expected to turn a profit, it can be managed and marketed to minimize the cost.